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The Quiz Cup of New York Is A Chance To Win Thousands In Cash & A Free Ride To Vegas

QCNY2 Poster 01 - LandscapeAttention New York City-based quizzers!

Grab a drink, feel free to sit on the good sofa, and say hi to your new friends. They’re all around you. We have some crazy events in the pipeline, and we’re happy to share them with you. Dig it.

If you’re even slightly familiar with our jams, then you’re familiar with the Quiz Cup of New York, a city-wide competition to find the best trivia team in New York. You should play this. Here’s why:

  • Second place is $200, plus a prize pack courtesy of American Geode and Brooklyn Brazilian Ju Jitsu.
  • Third place gets a prize pack valued at $200 from The Astoria Bookshop and NewsMeister.
  • All participants will get a sweet goodie bag of sponsor prizes.

The action begins the week of February 28, 2016, and runs for eight weeks, with the grand final happening on Saturday, April 30. Teams can have up to six players, and there’s going to be a ton of special events happening throughout the QCNY season for subscribers only.

You play by coming to any one of our regular TriviaNYC events, and playing as you normally do. You not only get to play on the day, but you also get QCNY points, which count toward your total. We’ll be posting the results daily online, and you can play more than once a week if you like. (Only your best score every week counts.) The full rules are here.

The eight-week season is just $50 for the whole team. That’s a tiny bag of shells, I know, but we just want to make sure you have the chance to play with us in what’s still an early version of what will grow very soon into a much larger competition. When we’re doing this at Giants Stadium in a few years, you’ll be able to wear your QCNY ’16 swag with cooler-than-thou pride. Come join us!

Sign up for QCNY here!

NOTE: TCONA prize includes hotel & free registrations for four people. At the moment, airfare is not included; this may change. All other prizes may eventually be larger upon receipt, depending on further sponsorship.


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The QNA Network Is Live

QNA Logo v3 - block styleHi! It’s been a while. We’ve been a little bit busy since TCONA, building things and appearing on game shows and whatnot. All that will come out shortly. But let’s get started on next year’s stuff right now.

We’re announcing the creation of the QNA Network, a series of podcasts (and, eventually, other stuff) dedicated to bringing trivia & other smart stuff to you wherever you are, anywhere on Earth. QNA is not just game show champions and bar trivia freaks (although alla youse are our PEOPLE, yo, and if you fist bump your screen over this paragraph, that totally counts as a proper fist bump). It’s anyone who knows what they’re talking about, whether it’s just for one fact at a time, or for a single uninterrupted minute, or a 15-minute lecture, or the entirety of a long, accomplished, relentlessly intellectually curious life.

The QNA Network is about curiosity, in all its forms. If you want to know more about everything there is to know, about people, about facts, about modern culture, about how to win on game shows, about what makes great quizzers different from talented trivianauts, well, that’s what the QNA Network is all about.

We have two podcasts up now: Q&A, Not With That Attitude. We have one that is very close to coming (women, amirite?): Casual Misandry: The Bicoastal Ladies Experiment. Give them a chance, subscribe to them, and if you really like them, please, tell someone about them.

Thanks. Much more to come.

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TCONA5 Final Standings

Thank you all for a wonderful TCONA weekend! Personal highlights include drunk Password during the 24-hour marathon with Home Game Enterprizes and scoring seven points in a game of SmartyPants that included Patrick Friel and Brian Fodera (who each scored three times as much, but still). It was all great, and 2016 is on the way to being all the greater. Can’t wait to see you in Vegas next August!

– jamie

– – –

This post will be updated as details are gathered, and will be where you can find all TCONA5 final times, scores, etc. 

Great TCONA Scavenger Race Hunt Amazingness

^ click to open

First Quiz of TCONA5

^ click to open

Steve Perry got the highest score.

* please note that some First Quizzes were handed in NOT GRADED, and those have not been included on this list.

Learned League Live 2015 TCONA Open:

3rd place: Susannah Brooks & Shane Whitlock (a tie!)

2nd place: Yogesh Raut*

1st place: Joshua Kreitzer


Learned League Rundle Championship:

3rd place: Steve Perry**

2nd place: Raj Dhuwalia

1st place: Scott Blish


3rd place: Brad Rutter

2nd place: Brian Fodera

1st place: Yogesh Raut

5×5 Trivia*

3rd place: Steve Perry

2nd place: Matt Frost

1st place: Yogesh Raut

*click to see the rankings of all 117 players.

Team Trivia Championship

Team Trivia Championship






Quiz Bowl

3rd place: Potpourri [Brian Fodera, Patrick Friel, Pam Mueller, Warren Usui]

2nd place: Kristen & Sons [Larry Ascher, Colby Burnett, Fritz Holznagel, Kristen Sausville]

1st place: Fugitives From a Brain Gang [Jeremy Horwitz, Steve Perry, Yogesh Raut, Jerome Vered]



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TCONA5 – Post-Weekend Survey

A whole lot of things went spectacularly right this weekend, but we want to know how we can make this better for you moving forward. If you went this year, please, do us a favor and fill out the short survey here.

Reactions, picture galleries, video mashups of people reading Emma Lazarus in the desert, and tons of everything else to come over the next few days, once we get back to the base, but we’re just so happy this weekend wound up rocking as hard as it did, and we’re touched that the national trivia community is really becoming a thing.

Thanks, you magnificent geniuses.

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Seeding for The Great TCONA Scavenger Hunt Great Race That’s Amazing!

This is your seeding, based on scores received at The First Quiz of TCONA. You may still opt out, in which case the teams behind you will simply move up a spot.

Happy racing!

1 Patrick Friel & Raj Dhuwalia
2 Steve Perry & Hans von Walter
3 Pam Mueller & Brad Rutter
4 Cliff Galiher & Brian Fodera
5 Susannah Brooks & Matt Jones
6 Steve Bahnaman & Solomon Stein
7 Dave Legler & Jeremy Cahnmann
8 Eric Panchenko & Jonathan Hess
9 Jeremy Horwitz & Kira Pace
10 Bill Penrose & Gene Bawdon
11 Jerome Vered & Henry Herron
12 Lee Ann Whitlock & Shane Whitlock
13 Joshua Kreitzer & Jason Kreitzer
14 Jeff Frank & Bill Patschak
15 Jean Cui & David Whitley
16 David Hirschberg & Paul Frankenstein
17 Brian Ibbott & George Doro
18 Mike Burger & Colby Burnett
19 Harvey Silikovitz & Jackie Fox
20 Sara Lehmann & Carlos Ross
21 Kristin Sausville & Lee Ann Roberts
22 Don Guckenberger & Julie Ghanbari
23 Choyon Manjrekar & Matt Guerrasio
24 Nathan Crane & Joe Griffin
25 Liz Rosen & Dave Mattingly
26 Jason V. Zuffranieri & Trevor Schultz
27 Jill Gilbert & Hari Kadappa
28 David Dixon & Kristina Larkins
29 Peter Malone & Theresa Kim
30 John Lance & Andrea Betancourt
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5×5 Website for TCONA5

The 5×5 website has been updated for the 2015 edition of the Trivia Championships of North America!

It covers the rules of the game, the criteria that determines the twenty-five [25] semi-finalists, as well as the history of the game.  You can view the 2014 two-game final match!  We recommend that new players familiarize themselves with the rules to better understand how the game is played before competing for the first time.

The player match-ups are pre-set. Bill Schantz has worked hard to make sure that those who signed up for the scavenger hunt are playing 5×5 at a time that does not conflict with that event. Thanks, Bill!

The semi-finalist results will be posted here on Saturday, August 8th, between 5:00 p.m. and 5:45 p.m.  The semi-final games are on Saturday at 6:00 p.m.  Then the top five [5] players will compete in the final game on Sunday morning.

Thanks for your interest in 5×5 and good luck to everyone!

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Have You Signed Up For Everything?

Now that you’ve seen the TCONA5 schedule, do you know what you want to participate in? We’re hoping the answer is “everything,” but the more important thing is that if that is your answer, we want to make sure you can play everything. We’re scheduling everyone into event sessions that won’t interfere with their other event sessions, as long as we know what you want to play!

If you want to participate in the 5×5 tournament, email right away. Tell her that you want in, and that you got this directive from

If you want to participate in The Great TCONA Scavenger Hunt [working title], you need a teammate. This is a pairs event with a player cap of twenty-five (potentially thirty) teams. Don’t have a teammate but still want in? Email Jamie at the above address and let her know so she can save you a spot and perhaps help you find a teammate.

If you want to participate in Quiz Bowl, make sure Jamie has your team name and roster ASAP. Want to play but need a team? Email Jamie or visit the TCONA facebook page to offer yourself up and look for other floaters. Some QB teams may still be coming together on Day One in Las Vegas, so don’t panic if you don’t have one yet.

And now, a GIF Challenge for your viewing and trivia pleasure.

Is this fact or fiction?


[click the image to see it in action]

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TCONA5 Schedule

Friends and quizzers, your patience is appreciated more than you know, and hopefully rewarded in spades with this short & sweet post!

There may be some impromptu late night trivia that is off-schedule, because WE ALL WANT ALL OF THE TRIVIA, and potentially minor tweaks along the lines of room changes, but this is at least 99% confirmed as the official TCONA5 schedule, and those are good numbers.


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Book Your Hotel Room Today for TCONA5!

Have you booked your hotel room yet? TCONA needs you to make your hotel reservations at the official conference hotel, the newly renovated Tropicana Las Vegas. Use this link to get our specially negotiated rates of $375 for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with discounts on either side if you’d like to extend your stay. By staying at The Tropicana, you make TCONA possible. We have to guarantee a certain number of hotel rooms in order to obtain the meeting rooms for all the events, and staying where the action is puts you in the middle of the best competitions and networking events of the year. So make your room reservations today, and tell your friends, because time is running out!

BREAKING NEWS: David Wallechinsky to Keynote TCONA5​​
Quizzing North America is thrilled to announce that best-selling author and historian David Wallechinsky will keynote TCONA5. Perhaps best known for The People’s Almanac and The Book of Lists, which resulted in numerous spin-offs, Wallechinsky is also an expert on Olympic history and anecdotes. He is the founder of, which provides up-to-date news about more than 340 departments and agencies of the American government.