About Quizzing North America

Knowing Stuff For Money Since 2006.

It all started with our first trivia night, the Drunken Smartass Olympics, at Dempsey’s in New York’s East Village, in February of 2006, which has grown to become quite possibly the most famous trivia night in the country. Dozens of teams come every week to play for prizes, for the opportunity to showcase their skills for game shows and other audiences, or to just have a drink and enjoy themselves. It’s long been a regular stop for champions from shows like Jeopardy! and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, as well as smarter celebrity types, and anyone else who wants to test their knowledge against the best quizzers in the city.

With a 2008 Cash Cab win and his 2011 Jeopardy success, Tony was able to kickstart TriviaNYC. His ongoing stardom in the trivia world allowed him to expand trivia nights into other city neighborhoods, as well as Queens, Brooklyn and New Jersey. With no plans of stopping there, Jamie Rosler was brought on as a trivia host in 2013 and joined Tony in the strategic growth of TriviaNYC as Managing Director in 2014. TriviaNYC continues to expand throughout New York.
From those humble downtown beginnings, TriviaNYC (and its parent company, Quizzing North America) has expanded across the country and around the world. We’ve recently expanded into Philadelphia, with expansion to other cities in the works. Keep an eye out for our podcast network, and our other media ventures, as we roll them out over the course of this year. And as the organizers and hosts of the annual Trivia Championships of North America, we’re thrilled to bring you the largest trivia event of its kind in the world.

It’s already been a great year for QNA. We’ve opened our first weekly events outside of New York City, and we’re actively looking to expand into other markets. TCONA is our crown jewel, and we’re always looking for new ways to grow that franchise. Our slate of exclusive private events, public specialty nights, seasonal leagues, and online podcasts and broadcasts is only going to grow. We truly believe that QNA is already the gold standard in fact-based entertainment. You’re getting on our bandwagon at a very good time.

Tony Hightower

Executive Director & Host

Tony moved to New York City in 1999 with his band after a decade in the Canadian music business. His band left, but Tony stayed, making friends at local quiz nights and learning about bar trivia. In early 2006, he was asked to host a new quiz night at Dempsey’s Pub in the East Village. That night has grown to become quite possibly the most popular trivia night in the country, with dozens of teams coming each week to play for prizes and the opportunity to compete on national game shows.

During Tony’s decade-plus in the quiz business, he’s gone from a once-a-week quiz night in one downtown dive bar to being at the forefront of a national phenomenon, serving thousands of quizzers in all four corners of the continent and around the world. Tony has also written a weekly trivia column for Open Letters Monthly, as well as serving as the Master of Ceremonies for the Trivia Championships of North America, held every summer in Las Vegas.

A long-suffering Toronto Maple Leafs fan, his personal Twitter feed is @chicobangs.

  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, 2015: $250,000 winner
  • Jeopardy!, 2011: $23,600 winner (2 shows)
  • Cash Cab, 2008: $1,400 winner
  • 2-time Reach For The Top (Canadian HS Quiz Bowl) national champion

Jamie Rosler

Managing Director & Host

New York City born and bred, Jamie Rosler has been a performer, a know-it-all, and a leader since the age of 4 (at most). With two degrees in theatre (from the University of Miami and Goldsmiths College, University of London) and almost a decade working in hospitality and service, she fumbled her way into the trivia world in 2012 when she answered a casting call that ultimately flew her to London for a week, and introduced Tony Hightower and organized trivia into her adult life.

Officially becoming a TriviaNYC host in 2013 with Downtown Trivia Tuesdays at Murphy’s Tavern, you can still see the host Jamie in her natural habitat every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. In December 2014, Jamie left her glamorous job as an office assistant to join Tony in managing TriviaNYC. In addition to hosting and management, they have recently launched a more-or-less bimonthly podcast called Casual Misandry: The Bicoastal Ladies Experiment.

Other things Jamie does include performing with and managing Rufus Khan (an indie short form improv team with fantastic, funny, and fun monthly shows at The Players Theatre), writing and editing for The Reviews Hub, bicycling wherever and whenever possible (weather and tire pressure permitting), and bonding with her dog Barnaby.

She occasionally tweets @jmrosler, and has been paid, several times, to shave her head. See her solo show for details (coming to a stage of some kind at some point).

  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, 2016: $100,000 winner