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Our quizzers are intelligent, social, and have disposable income. Associating your brand with ours brings you into their conversation and puts your product (or talk of your product) on their tables as our thousands of quizzers are out having fun. We’re always looking for connections to the outside world — in fact, that’s kind of what trivia is — and we love giving smart, engaged organizations the opportunity to interact with our smart, engaged players. Here’s what our sponsors look forward to:

  • Visibility of your product in front of a young and smart audience
Promotion of your company in an atmosphere full of online and offline social engagement
  • A trusted brand association within an environment of partying and fun

If this sounds like you, drop us a line.


Premium Sponsorship Package


Send your brand all over the country with QNA’s WORLDWIDE GENIUS sponsorship package. Sponsors receive:

  • Naming rights on a local trivia night
  • Naming rights on one event at TCONA
  • Up to six monthly podcast sponsorships with brand mention in the podcast intro
  • 5,000 branded pens to be used and distributed across our network
  • Six social media posts per month
  • Logo prominently displayed on our website
  • Brand name and tag line in the mouths of all of our live event hosts


Local Sponsorship Package

Ranges from $1,750 to $4,250

Sponsor a weekly public event in a New York City bar for a minimum of six months, and introduce yourself to hundreds, potentially thousands, of new and repeat players. Ranging from $1,750 for lower capacity venues, to just $4,250 for our most populated nights. Sponsors receive:

  • Naming rights for that event
  • Promotion on social media, our website and in print
  • Several on-mic and in-person mentions each week
  • Up to three monthly podcast sponsorships with brand mention in the podcast intro
  • 2,000 branded pens for use and distribution at and through your sponsored venue
  • Logo prominently displayed on our website
  • Minimum of one weekly social media post


TCONA Sponsorship Package


Join the best quizzers in the country, and a few from overseas, as we gather in Las Vegas for three days of quizzing, gaming, puzzles, panels, gameshow castings, and gameshow simulations. Sponsor a single event, or the entire weekend, depending on your budget.


QCNY Sponsorship Package


Provide the grand prize for our citywide team tournament and naming rights are yours for just $3,500. Over the course of eight weeks, in every venue in our network, no less than five nights per week, put your brand in the mouths of our hosts and the faces of our players. Sponsors receive:

  • Naming rights on all promotional materials, online and print
  • 2,000 branded pens to be used and distributed across our entire network
  • A minimum of two social media posts per week throughout the tournament
  • Sponsorship of any one QNA podcast that goes live during the tournament
  • Your logo displayed prominently on our website


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