Private Event Hosts

Tired of uninteresting field trips and antiseptic team-building exercises? Try a family or corporate trivia night!

What We Provide

We provide a completely customizable, competitive, inclusive and endlessly entertaining event for your team, group or family. Whether your group has never met each other before, or they’ve known each other for years, we’ll assemble an afternoon or evening ​that will bring everyone closer, creating bonds across departments and generations.

We offer:

  • Corporate Event Hosting
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Family Reunions
  • Combination Trivia/Karaoke Nights
  • And More!

How It Works

Reach out to us by filling out the form.

We’ll start by getting to know you and your group. We’ve worked with clients in every part of the private and public sector, from small design firms and art galleries to major global corporations, professional sports leagues and Nobel Prize-winning multinational organizations. We’ve been booked for conventions and gatherings in every corner of the USA, as well as in Canada, the United Kingdom and across Europe. We work just as well as the main event of an evening or as background color during breaks of a larger event.


Our team prepares custom-written questions for your group, based on our conversation and a questionnaire we send you in advance. That way, we create a complete event based on your group’s experience, general trivia knowledge level and types of cultural interest. We create an entire evening around the life, experience, interests or whims of a “guest of honor” that will delight everyone from the closest relatives to the most distant college buddy.


Once we have your input, we’ll take care of everything. Our hosts are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well-trained in the trivial arts. Our question writers are second to none and our quizzes are exciting, varied in style and content. From round to round, we offer plenty of break time between rounds for people to be social, check their phones, talk trash or whatever else they like.

Our needs are simple. We need a PA system (microphone + 3.5mm/iPod-caliber audio line-in) for our host, and somebody who knows how to work it (or at least, someone who can train our host ahead of time.) We’ll take it from there! Let us share our expertise with you and help make your event into something wonderful.

Meet Our Hosts

Tony Hightower

During Tony’s decade-plus in the quiz business, he’s gone from a once-a-week quiz night in one downtown dive bar to being at the forefront of a national phenomenon, serving thousands of quizzers in all four corners of the continent and around the world. Learn More…

Jamie Rosler

With two degrees in theatre and a decade in hospitality and service, she fumbled her way into the trivia world in 2012 when she answered a casting call that ultimately flew her to London for a week, and introduced Tony Hightower and organized trivia into her adult life. Learn More…



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