TCONA is the world’s largest annual event featuring team and solo medal events, game show simulations and casting sessions, app demonstrations, and just-for-fun innovative trivia-based games of all kinds for players, and from presenters, from across North America, and around the world. This year, for the first time, TCONA will have scheduled events geared towards children and teens, and the kids are also welcome to participate in any of the daytime activities, and with parental approval, a few of the nighttime events as well. Learn more below!


This year we’re hosting more events than ever, and continuing to confirm big surprises and exciting news for all attendees! From the First Quiz on Friday morning until the Closing Ceremony & Medals on Sunday afternoon, your brain’s biggest challenge will be finding down time to check out the rest of Las Vegas and work through last night’s hangover. Be on a team for Quiz Bowl, Trash Trivia, Just Music, or the National Team Trivia Championships. Fly solo in Last Quizzer Standing and SmartyPants. Get your nerdy party on with Trivioke Trivaoke. Play with words at this year’s Punslingers competition, run by the 2016 winner at the O.Henry Pun-Off World Championships. Put your puzzle skills to the test in an Escape Room designed by NPR’s Ask Me Another puzzle guru John Chaneski, stay up all night for the 24-Hour Game Show Throwdown (raising money for ExtraLife and the Children’s Hospital of L.A.), and vote for this year’s inductees to the Trivia Hall of Fame. Sign up for the TCONA mailing list and stay up to date on all the news!

EVENT LIST (descriptions below; subject to change)

24-Hour Game Show Throwdown
Escape Room
First Quiz
Great American Music Quiz
Incredible Not-A-Race
LearnedLeague Open
O’Brien’s Pub Quiz
Punslingers Pun-Off
Quest Grand Prix (IQA)
Quiz Bowl
Smarty Pants
Specialty Pub Quiz Lounge
Sports Night
Team Trivia Championships
Topical Top Dogs
Trash of the Titans
Trivia Hall of Fame


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Event Descriptions

THE FIRST QUIZ OF TCONA: This non-medal solo quiz is a great way to warm up to the full weekend ahead. Curated and built by the great Paul Paquet.

DAVID DIXON’S JUST MUSIC: This all-music quiz, smithed by the masterful David Dixon, for teams of up to 4 players, will test you across all genres and decades. Five (or six) rounds, with eight questions each, and a final showdown between the top two teams.

HOME GAME ENTERPRIZESThe games start on Friday, August 4 at 6 PM with a special $25,000 Pyramid Expedition. Stop by and join our “celebrity” players (or come with your own two-player team) and do your best to climb our famous Pyramid. Can you reach the top in under 60 seconds? Then, on Saturday, August 5, at 12 Noon sharp, we go live on for 25 straight hours with the Game Show Throwdown! It’s all to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – every nickel helps, so come help HGE have fun and raise money for a good cause. Friendly reminder: if you’ve signed up for a game, you’ll be called in the order in which you submitted your sign-up form. If we call your name, and you’re not in studio, you will be skipped! [Presenters: Travis Griffin & the HGE team]

ESCAPE ROOM: Curated by John Chaneski, the puzzle guru from NPR’s Ask Me Another, this event tests your mettle against the clock as you find clues and solve the brain-busters laid out before you. Play as a team and make your escape before time runs out! Will you be the fastest escapees in Vegas? Signup as individuals or in an already-formed team.

INCREDIBLE NOT-A-RACE: This nighttime, [EDIT: NOW MEDAL-WINNING!] team event combines elements of quizzing, scavenger hunts, and a particular TV show you may have heard of, into one exploratory and fun-filled footrace around Las Vegas (except for the race part, because speed does not count). Points are collected and tallied, with the winning team announced at the Closing Medals Ceremony on Sunday. Sign your team of up to four players up here! [Presenters: Paul Bailey & Jim Newman]

IQA’S QUEST GRAND PRIXSix genres with 30 questions, plus 10 tough tiebreakers per genre, worth only 0.1 each. The maximum score is 31; will you be the first to achieve it? A player’s total is the sum of their best five genres. The six genres are: Art, Culture, and History; Civilization (government, human geography, etc.); Entertainment (TV, movies, popular & classical music); Lifestyle (health & fitness, food & drink, brands, fashion, celebrities, etc.); Physical World (sciences & nature); and finally, Sport & Games. [Presenters Jane Allen & Chris Jones]

LAST QUIZZER STANDINGThis is a simulation of the British quiz show 15 to 1. The basic rules are simple: Each player starts with three lives. Correct answers keep the player standing. Incorrect answers cost lives. When all three lives are lost, the player is out. Make it to the final round, and you might just be the Last Quizzer Standing. Sign up today before the spots are all filled! [Presenter Josh Woo]

O’BRIEN’S PUB QUIZThis team quiz consists of two rounds of fifteen questions each, some multi-part, some progressive, covering high and pop culture, current events, finance, literature, video games, etc. The subject matter changes radically, along with the quizmasters, several of whom will be hosting together at TCONA. For this fun and challenging quiz, collaboration helps! (See coverage from NPR, the Globe & Mail (Canada), and The Wall Street Journal.) [Presenters Brian Fodera, Jerome Vered & more]

PUB QUIZ LOUNGE: Specialty quizzes abound in the Pub Quiz Lounge, from Harry Potter to Broadway musicals to visual handout rounds, and everything in between, this is where you can go to take a rest from the more intense trivia competitions of the weekend. Join a team, play alone, or host a round. It’s relaxing in here. [Presenter Jeremy Cahnmann]

PUNSLINGERS PUN-OFFA maximum of 24 contestants compete, starting with a head to head pun shoot-out, each allowed up to three strikes. Eliminations continue in standard tournament style until the final two contestants are left standing. The quick draw wit then continues on the same topic until an ultimate winner is determined. Get your pun-off on! [Presenter Ben Ziek, 2016 Pun-Off World Champion]

QUIZ BOWL: This team medal event is a modern take on the old College Bowl, in which teams vie to answer the tossup question first, earning the chance at more points through an exclusive-to-them bonus. Questions span all areas of knowledge–from classics to chemistry, Extreme Makeover to XBox–allowing teams that are both fast on the buzzer and deep in their knowledge, to score big. After all there is no shame, only points! Email today to join the player wait list. [Presenter Mike Burger]

SMARTY PANTSIt’s your chance to battle some of the trivia celebrities who come to TCONA. Eight randomly selected players hit the buzzers in qualifying heats. The questions are fast, furious, and fun. This has become a TCONA signature event. Hosted by Paul Paquet from

SPORTS NIGHT: Prove your sports prowess in an eight team College Bowl format competition. Team composition will be determined by a seeding test given a month in advance of TCONA to the first 32 TCONA registrants who sign up. Sign up today!  [Presenters: David Bailey & Mike Gessner]

THE TCONA TEAM TRIVIA CHAMPIONSHIPS: Hosted by Tony Hightower, for teams of up to six players. No topic is off limits. The winner of the T3C can officially call themselves the Best Trivia Team in North America.

TOPICAL TOP DOGS: Let’s find out who is TCONA’s smartest puppy in each of ten subjects, from sports to science to food & fashion, and much more. You’ll have a 50-question written quiz in each subject and just 90 minutes to work on it all. There’s a medal for the top score in each of the 10, plus a decathlon medal for the top overall score. With limited time, do you focus on your strong areas, or do you go for all the marbles? [Presenters Jeremy Cahnmann & Paul Paquet]

TRASH OF THE TITANSThis fast-paced buzzer tournament pits two three-player teams against one another in each game. The unique format will allow for team play as well as high-tension, white-knuckle, one-on-one “buzzer battles.” Enter a team in this tournament and dumpster dive into some tremendous trash trivia- music, movies, sports, TV, games, etc. Sign your team up today! [Presenters Grant Colvin, Patrick McKinney & Bill Patschak]

TRIVIA HALL OF FAME: This year, we induct Learned League founder Thorsten Integrity, and Jeopardy! champion Julia Collins. Short speeches. More fun that it sounds. Don’t forget to fill out your ballot for next year’s inductees. We have one of the most competitive fields ever. Argue about it with friends. We’ll also be awarding a medal to recognize people “who have used trivia, or their fame in the worlds of trivia or game shows, for the greater good,” inspired by Cindy Stowell’s heroic run on Jeopardy, and her decision to donate her enormous winnings to cancer research. Send your nominations to Please use the word NOMINATION in the subject line.

TRIVIOKE: In its second year at TCONA, this fast favorite combines, you guessed it, trivia and karaoke into one fun Saturday night hoopla. You don’t need to be an expert quizzer or an expert singer to excel at this party! [Presented by the charismatic and indefatigable Adam Souza]

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