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Bar Owners: Want Trivia In Your Venue?

If you’re a bar owner or manager who’s looking to liven up a quiet night, or perhaps attract a crowd of smart, sexy regulars to a new place, please drop us a line at so we can discuss what you’re looking for. Also, please feel free to visit our live nights to get a feel for what we’re about.

What We Provide

Trivia NYC is a full-service trivia operation. That means we provide professional, friendly, well-trained hosts committed to your bar, a full fresh night of well-rounded and carefully vetted questions, score-sheets, small door prizes, and marketing through our established network.

Our nights typically last up to two hours, depending on how rowdy our groups get, and can start earlier or later in the evening depending on the flow of the room and your needs.

What We’re Looking For

We want to work with great people in great venues. We’d expect you to be fully committed to establishing a regular weekly trivia night and giving it a little time to grow.

We won’t promise to fill your bar overnight, but we will set up a fun, memorable night that will keep people coming back week after week. Our Wednesday event at Dempsey’s in the East Village is nine years old and regularly brings out over 100 keen quizzers every Wednesday night. While some of our newest venues are less than a year old, we’re consistently turning people away from full houses. We need more places for our players to play!

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TriviaNYC has been a huge asset to our bar, and a big part of that is the quality of their hosts. While many trivia night hosts can be abrasive and snobby, TriviaNYC hosts know how to make the atmosphere fun for everyone, from the die-hard trivia players to the couple at the bar who thought they'd just play a round or two while they finish their drinks. We've had our weekly trivia night going for over 2 years now, and we have no intention of ever letting them go. There would be a mutiny on Monday nights if we did. Thanks TriviaNYC for making Mondays awesome!

Snowdonia Gastropub NY, NY June 7, 2016

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What Your Bar Should Have

Ideally, your space seats at least 40 people comfortably, in groups of up to six. We need a PA system (microphone + 3.5mm/iPod-caliber audio line-in) for our host, and somebody who knows how to work it (or at least, someone who can train our host ahead of time.)

We strongly recommend offering a bar prize, e.g. a tab or a round of drinks, to build customer engagement and keep people coming back for weeks.

We’ll provide everything else, including sponsored door prizes of various types and value, like books, comedy and theatre tickets, or SoulCycle passes, to name a few