Quiz Cup of New York (QCNY)

QCNY is a citywide competition to find the best trivia team in New York City.

It’s easy (and cheap!) to play. Each eight-week season culminates in a one-day live championship with prizes including (at least) $1000 in cash, free passes to the annual Trivia Championships of North America in Las Vegas, tickets to concerts & shows, gift certificates, and more. If your team plays at TriviaNYC events already, then you just keep doing what you’re doing. Register your team here for just $50 per team (up to 6 players), and play your regular nights as you normally do. Your scores will count on the night as usual, but they’ll also count toward QCNY.

Upcoming Championships

September-November, 2016
Where: TBD

January-March, 2017
Where: TBD

April-June, 2017
Where: TBD

*Please note that these dates may change.

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Registration is $50 per team, and can be done online at http://trivianyc.net/qcny. Teams may consist of UP TO SIX (6) PLAYERS. On the day of the QCNY Grand Finals, only the people whose names are officially registered are allowed to play.

There is no discount for teams of fewer than 6 players, although it’s worth noting that the prizes a smaller team wins would be split by fewer people.

During the regular season, you’re allowed a maximum of one (1) non-registered substitute per night. At the Grand Finals, no substitutes are allowed.

Every registered QCNY player must wear their Official QCNY lanyard while playing the night’s quiz. If you don’t wear the lanyard or have the lanyard with you, you will be counted as a substitute. Your team is allowed only one (1) non-credentialed player. More than that, and that night’s score won’t count toward your team’s QCNY totals.

Not everyone on your team has to show up for every event. If only one player on your team can make a quiz in a given week, as long as they are credentialed, their score would count toward your team’s totals.

At our events where team size is limited to four players per team (due to room limitations), that rule must be respected. Only four of your team will be allowed to play at those nights. Those nights will be noted in our schedule by a “[*4]” on the site’s page and in the schedule. If you have any question about this, feel free to contact us. We don’t want you to be surprised. Don’t be the team this will inevitably happen to.

Your team may play any night, any time, and win whatever prizes are offered at that night, just like usual. QCNY is an extra, larger contest running at the same time.

You may play as many nights during a given week as you like. However, you and the members of your team are not permitted to play more than once per night, under any circumstances, including under pseudonyms or via other attempts to conceal your own activity.


The regular trivia night plays the same way it always does. The most points accumulated over the course of the night decides the winners, and the bar tabs, books, tickets and other regular prizes shall be given out accordingly.

The QCNY score is also totaled up at the end of the night, by calculating a percentage of a perfect score. For example: If a perfect score is 56 points, and you get 45, you’ve scored 80.3% of the possible points on the evening, and so you’d get 80.3 QCNY points.

On top of that score, a bonus will be given to teams that win their night.
First place will receive TEN (10) bonus points.
Second place will receive NINE (9) bonus points.
Third Place will receive EIGHT (8) bonus points…
And on down it goes to tenth place, which will get ONE (1) bonus point.

The result is that a perfect score on any given night is 100 points (for scoring 100% of the possible points) + 10 bonus points for 1st place = 110 points. (Note: In ten years of TriviaNYC, not one team would have ever gotten this, though many would have come close. If you manage to break 100 points in a given week, that’s a fine score indeed.)

Non-QCNY teams will be playing right along with you. You’re playing against them as well as your fellow Quiz Cuppers. If you finish third behind two non-Cup teams, you still only get third place points.

In venues where bonus points are regularly given for activities outside the regular quiz (for example: shots-for-points, side games, or other venue-specific bonuses), we will adjust your scores accordingly for your tournament tally. Most elements are common to all of TriviaNYC’s venues, but you must play the game as it is played, in the venue where you are.

These scores are added up, week by week, and the fifteen (15) top scoring teams over the course of the season will earn a spot in the Grand Finals on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Further “wild card” invitees may be invited at the organizers’ discretion, but don’t hold your breath.

You’re free to play more than once per week, but only your best score from any one week will count. A week runs Sunday through Saturday. If you don’t do well early in the week, feel free to come back to a different TriviaNYC night later on that same week and try again.

In the case of cancellations or weather emergencies, officially, you’re on your own. Our network is always growing, and we will do our best to accommodate the spirit of the competition to all circumstances, but keep in mind that natural disasters sometimes happen, venues open and close all the time, the MTA is a fickle master, Jay-Z might book an entire restaurant because he wants to ensure he wins at our trivia night, Godzilla may accidentally step on a couple of neighborhoods… things happen. You’re responsible for getting your games in, but we promise to be as there for you as we possibly can, as we have been for a decade now.

IN THE CASE OF A TIE, the tiebreakers will proceed as follows:
Total QCNY Score [%ge + bonus over all 8 weeks] Total bonus points alone, accumulated over the season
Most likes on a Tweet/Instagram with the hashtag #QuizCupNY
On-stage dance-off.
Um, that should do it.


Teams are capped at SIX (6) players per team, though fewer than that is fine.
QCNY teams are allowed ONE (1) substitute on regular game weeks, as denoted by the players wearing their QCNY lanyards.
During the Grand Finals, there will be NO SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED. Your registered team is your playing team. It’s your time to own the city.


Three things:
This league is in early planning stages, and we reserve the right to revise rules if necessary. We’ll do our very best to not affect the flow of the season in any way, and if there are any adjustments, they’ll be made in good faith, but past that, no further attempt will be made to make this competition fair. Some days the questions will play toward you, while other times, the questions will play away from you. A great trivia team will fill in each other’s gaps on various topics, and become a coherent, worldly whole, regardless of what the quizmaster throws at them.
Consider this the don’t-be-a-dick clause: TriviaNYC, its sponsors, and its member venues all reserve the right to eject any team from the QCNY if they exhibit behavior that is abusive or dangerous to other players, bar staff, hosts or anyone related to the trivia event. And in case it needs to be said: If you are caught cheating in any way, you will be disqualified.
This may be a competition, with cash prizes and maybe getting your picture in the paper, but this is also a fun pastime. Even with the Grand Prizes, we’re not giving away real estate. Enjoy yourselves, and you’ll get a lot more out of trivia in general, and QCNY in particular. By joining QCNY, you’re now part of a special group, getting in on the ground floor of something that is only going to grow into something really special. Have fun. It’s the fun bits you’ll tell your kids about one day.

By signing up for QCNY, you affirm that you’ve read all of this and agree to it. Now, get to quizzing.