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TriviaNYC – A Trusted Brand With A Smart, Fun, And Engaged Audience

Each week, TriviaNYC serves over a thousand smart, excited, young players who have chosen to be active and social with us. They’re not locked into coming out to our events – they choose to. In fact, the vast majority of them come back regularly every week and have, in many cases, for many years. For them, TriviaNYC has become a trusted brand. We bring a consistently high-quality product and they’re happy to spend their midweek party time and money with us. Why? They know we provide a great social experience that allows them to engage with their friends in ways that transcend regular old small talk.

Sponsor Trivia: The Benefits

Associating your brand with ours brings you into their conversation and puts your product (or talk of your product) on their tables as they’re out having fun. We’re always looking for connections to the outside world — in fact, that’s kind of what trivia is — and we love giving smart, engaged organizations the opportunity to interact with our smart, engaged players.
Here’s what our sponsors look forward to:

  • Visibility of your product in front of a young and smart audience
  • Promotion of your company in an atmosphere full of online and offline social engagement
  • A trusted brand association within an environment of partying and fun
  • Relationship building with other like-minded sponsor businesses

If this sounds like you, drop us a line.

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